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Delaware License Renewal - (4/16/2014)

License Renewal Instructions


By now you should have received a letter from the State of Delaware, Division of Professional Regulation about renewing your Delaware Master Special Elevator license.  You need to follow the directions in the letter.  The only way to renew your license is by registering online.  It is very important that you renew your license and do not allow it to expire.  There is a possibility that in the future new license applicants will be required to take a separate examination.  If you have a current license you will not be required to take an exam. 

To renew your license you will have to answer some questions on the online renewal form. 

Question 5 refers to continuing education.  The amount of continuing education required depends on when you received your license.  Most Local 5 members will need 10 hours of continuing education credit.  If you attended any of the classes offered at the union hall you will receive your certificates with the hours and state approval number listed on the certificate.  If you still need to complete your continuing education register for NEIEP online continuing education. The following classes are approved by the Division of Professional Regulation; TS131 Fall Protection, CE 017.2 Hydraulic Elevator Testing,

TS133 Confined Space.  There will also be some more approved classes offered at the hall in May.

Question 6 refers to liability insurance, answer yes to this question. You are covered on your employers liability policy.

You will be required to pay for your license.

If you have not yet applied for a license we strongly suggest that you stop by the union hall and fill out an application.

If you have any questions please call Joe Williams.

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